We have decided to cancel (another) summer season. Concerns over public health, an uncertain business climate, lengthy lockdowns and (ever increasing) insurance premiums are to blame.

Sorry, folks. We hope Fall 2021 will be better. Till then, crack a cold local brew and enjoy our partners safely.

Please read our statement here.

Handcrafted beer, wine, cider & spirit tours



We're more than just a taxi. Discover big names and local favourites on an all-inclusive beer, wine, cider and spirits tour. You'll be led by savy, certified guides who will transport you in style.


Often imitated, never duplicated.

beer vip lanyards

Everyone gets one. Dubs as a beer fact cheat sheet, fashion piece and priceless keepsake.

partner merchandise discounts

15% to 25% off merchandise at select partners. A Beer Bus exclusive.

welcome everywhere

We are welcome to each and every producer, restaurant, bar and establishment in the region. No bans here.

premium a/v system & luxury

We've recently updated our Beer Bus to include a premium sound system, T.V screen and a luxurious wood-finish floor.

See it for yourself. đź‘€



Beer Bus Paul here! To me, one of the best ways to experience a new region, province or even country is through the local libations produced by the women and men who live, breathe and play  there! Each and every producer is so unique, and it is an honour to get to know each so well. I am so proud to offer everyone my passion for local craft beer, wine, cider and spirits and will ALWAYS rave about my favourite brew: the Wheat at Side Launch Brewing Company (if I'm not drinking some wine from the Roost Wine Company.


I love ALL our partners and each and every one has something magnificent for you!


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