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Terms and Conditions.

We've got them, and you need to know about them.



The Beer Bus/ Local Libations Inc will take you to some amazing breweries, cider houses and wineries, and you’ll experience fantastic libations at each. We ask that you enjoy only as much as is safe for you and everyone else. All our tour guides are Smart Serve Ontario certified, and we reserve the right to ask you to leave–at your own cost– if you’ve had too much to drink.

We provide a variety of cold non-alcoholic drinks and snacks onboard to help keep you healthy!


We get it. Sometimes things happen, and you end up running late. The Beer Bus has a pretty tight schedule, given the number of partner locations we visit on our tours. We do our best to be on time for you, so we graciously ask that you are on time for us! If you’re running late to our pickup location, please give us a call and we’ll wait as long as we can without delaying the tour beyond enjoyment. At that point, it’ll be up to you and on your own cost to get to our second stop, where you are welcome to hop on and join the tour.

We won’t give you a refund if you miss a stop if you’re late and/or miss a tour completely.


The following cancellation policy applies to all public tours:

  • If you cancel your tour more than seven days in advance, we will issue you a full refund, less a 15% service fee, plus HST.

  • If you cancel less than seven days before your scheduled departure, we’ll refund your tour less a 40% service fee, plus HST.

  • In the event you must cancel within 24 hours of its scheduled start time, we unfortunately will not be able to issue any refund due to operational costs.

For group or custom tours, we will issue a refund, less a 20% service fee, plus HST, with at least five business days notice of changes (i.e. less passengers) or cancellations. No refund will be granted with less than five days notice.

We reserve the right to cancel public tours with two or less guests, and will issue a full refund with at minimum 24 hours notice.


We’re so proud of what we do that we like to share it with the world. When you take a tour with us, you consent for us to use without any royalties paid to you any of the pictures or videos we took during our tours for our own use in social media and promotional materials. Don’t worry–we won’t ever disclose your personal information, or post an unflattering pic!

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