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Who We Are.

What is the Beer Bus?

What is the Beer Bus, you ask? Well, we think it's pretty simple. The Beer Bus is a way to immerse yourself in the best of local craft beer, wine, cider and spirits while sitting back and taking in hidden, local gems that only a local Beer Bus Guide could tell you. Our Guides are all Cicerone Certified - meaning, not only will you

TASTE your favourite local beverage, but you'll also learn how to expertly appreciate and analyze it as well! Our decades of event planning experience, our vast network of Ontario-based producers, bars, restaurants and entertainment partners will ensure a great time, every time!

Why book with us and not some other company?

Our tours are often imitated but never duplicated, and this shines true in our reputation with our partners, our customers, and our community. With the Beer Bus, you'll feel like you are a local yourself while learning local and beer, wine, cider, and spirit facts from qualified, local and passionate guides - we're not just a driver behind the wheel of a bus.

There are brewery tours, then there are Beer Bus Tours.

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