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Private Collingwood Brewery Tours & Blue Mountain Wine Tours

Our private brewery and winery tours are expertly crafted 

Discover local with the Beer Bus Company on our Collingwood/Blue Mountain Brewery Tours and Winery Tours, Offered 7 days a week!


Summer Tours
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On our Blue Mountain Mashup tour, we will visit a brewery, a cider house and distillery and a winery while discovering the beauty of the Blue Mountains. 

Tour runs 4-4.5 hours and the start times are 10:45am and 3:30/4pm

  • 3 Venue Tour

  • 4 Venue Option-Fermented4Ways


Thornbury Group.jpg

THANK GOODNESS IT'S FRIDAY | Collingwood Brewery Tours

Our Standard Blue Mountain to Collingwood Craft Brewery Tour.  Yes we can run this brewery tour 7 days a week!

Visit 3 Breweries over 3.5 hours. Start times are 10:45am and 3:30PM daily for private groups.

  • 3 Venue Tour

  • Upgrade to longer brewery tour by adding a fourth venue for an additional $35/person


Thornbury Flights.jpg

BREAKFAST BEERS | Blue Mountain Brewery Tours

This is the tour you want a cider option for your some or all of friends.  We visit a Brewery that has a Cider house on site and guests can choose from a Beer flight or Cider flight.

Visit 3 Breweries (One doubles as a Cider House.  

Start Times are 10:45AM and 3:30PM

  • 3 Venue Brewery Tour

  • Upgrade to longer brewery tour by adding a fourth venue for an additional $35/person


Creemore 2.jpg


Don't worry, be hoppy with this afternoon cruise through South Georgian Bay and Blue Mountain. You'll take in stunning views and visit a 3 top rated Ontario Craft Breweries

Visit three local breweries on our favourite 

Start times are $10:45AM and 3:45PM

  • 3 Brewery Tour, 3 total venues

  • Upgrade to longer brewery tour by adding a fourth venue for an additional $35/person


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Our Fermented Four Ways Tour will visit 2 breweries, Georgian Hills Winery and a cider house and distillery. Perfect for private groups this tour will showcase the best of Blue Mountain for you.

Tour runs 5 Hours and the start time is 10:45AM 

  • 4 Venue Tour


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Our local team also knows the best wineries in the Blue Mountains.  Let's take you to Georgian Hills Winery for a flight of wine + charcuterie, The Roost Winery and a cider house and distillery on this 4 hour wine tour.

Start time is 10:45am for this tour!

  • 3 Winery Tour 




You may have seen the Bay from the top of the Blue Mountains, but have you ever seen the top of the Blue Mountains, from above the Blue Mountains?


This ultra-VIP and private wine tour is the hallmark of luxury craft beverage/culinary tourism, and we're proud to be behind it. Spend 15 minutes in the air with our friends Big Blue Air and take in the stunning views of South Georgian Bay from the cabin of a private helicopter.

Land in style at a local winery, and travel by private car to a local cidery and brewery.

This tour limited to a maximum group of 4.




Whats more fun than throwing axes and drinking beer (of course we throw axes before the beer). The Beer Bus Company now offers a 4 hours Get Axed Brewery Tour where you will visit Axed Collingwood before you visit two top rated craft breweries. Interested in our Wine Tours but also want to throw axes? Contact us for pricing. 

Get Axed Brewery Tours - Start Time - 10:45am - 3:30pm


winter tours

(october 31 to april 30)

Winter Tours


Our most popular private tours brings you the best of cool climate viniculture, locally made cider and freshly brewed beer.

Visit a local winery, cidery and brewery on this 4 hour tour and take in the stunning sights of the Blue Mountains, sips and snacks of our partners.




You made it. Fridays are meant for blowing off steam, and what better way than by discovering local?

Visit 3 local breweries while taking in the evening glory of the South Georgian Bay Region on our 4 hour private tours.


Thornbury Flights.jpg


What's better than pancakes and eggs for breakfast? You guessed it, beer. Start your weekend off right with this jaunt through some of our favourite local producers.

Visit two local breweries and a brewery/cidery and feel good about yourself because you chose local over sleeping in.


Creemore 2.jpg


Don't worry, be hoppy with this afternoon cruise through South Georgian Bay. 

Visit three local breweries and the best Ontario Craft Beer that Collingwood and the Blue Mountains has to offer!

4 Hour tour




Considering that not long ago this region was a hub for the prohibition movement in Ontario, it sure is odd that today we've got producers making all sorts of libations: beer, wine, cider and spirits.

This five hour tour has it all: visit a winery, a cidery, a distillery and a brewery and forget about the week ahead.




Contact to book!

You may have seen the Bay from the top of Blue, but have you ever seen the top of Blue, from above Blue?

This ultra-VIP and private tour is the hallmark of luxury craft beverage/culinary tourism, and we're proud to be behind it. Spend 15 minutes in the air with our friends Big Blue Air and take in the stunning views of South Georgian Bay from the cabin of a private helicopter.

Land in style at a local winery, and travel by private car to a local cidery and brewery.

This tour limited to a maximum group of 4.


Where we visit

All Tours

The Collingwood Brewery

Hop on the Beer Bus for a custom beer tour with The Collingwood Brewery! With a strong emphasis on classic brewing traditions and classic styles of beer, The Collingwood Brewery has been providing locals and visitors alike exceptional, locally made beers reminiscent of evenings at an English pub. The Collingwood Brewery has never forgotten its roots: each year, the 1854 Anniversary Series celebrates the founding of the original Collingwood Brewery, established more than 150 years ago.

Beer Bus Guests Receive 15% Off All Merchandise at The Collingwood Brewery.


Side Launch Brewing Company

Side Launch Brewing Company was named after the old Collingwood practice of launching a newly built ship into the water sideways, rather than bow or stern first. Our friends at Side Launch Brewing Company produce great brews that are never filtered or pasteurized, leaving behind a flavour as unique as a its name. With The Beer Bus, you’ll get to experience a Side Launch, Collingwood style.

Beer Bus Guests Receive 15% Off All Merchandise at Side Launch Brewing Company.


Northwinds Brewhouse and Kitchen

Northwinds Brewhouse and Kitchen is a place that creates real food and beer. Our menu and beverage options are carefully designed to treat you and your belly very well. We have two locations and are locally owned and operated. Our menu offerings are made on site, using fresh and local ingredients. All Northwinds beer is produced on-site in small batches to ensure your beer is ultra-fresh.


Creemore Springs Brewery

Hop on the Beer Bus and head to the historic town of Creemore for a all-inclusive brewery tour of its namesake brewery. In 1987, Creemore opened up its doors, becoming an instant source of hope for Ontario craft beer drinkers by introducing something different than your usual brew. 30 years later, Creemore is still producing one of Ontario’s finest craft beers with water sourced from their own local spring and beer fired up in a classic copper kettle.

Beer Bus Guests Receive 15% Off All Merchandise at Creemore Springs Brewery.

Black Bellows.png

Black Bellows Brewing Co.

Black Bellows Brewing are the new kids on the block. With a new location in the heart of Downtown Collingwood, Black Bellows Brewing is ready to amaze with its impressive lineup of new (and familiar) brews in a brew-pub environment that screams fun. Built in the ol' Dey's Garage building, the brewery is a welcome addition to this region's booming craft beverage scene.

Thornbury Cider.png

Thornbury Village Cidery and Brewery

Thornbury Village Cidery & Brewery has harnessed the magic of the locally grown apple and made a beautifully crisp, refreshing, and wonderfully light English-style cider right in the middle of Thornbury. Thornbury Village Cidery & Brewery presses its own apples, and cold filters the cider to maintain the taste and aroma of fresh apples. On the brewing side of things, Thornbury recently brewed the world’s best Czech-style pilsner, recognized by the World Beer Awards. No big deal.

Beer Bus Guests Receive 25% Off All Merchandise at Thornbury Village Cidery and Brewery.

Mudtown Station.png

Mudtown Station Brewing

It's not everyday that you can sip an in-house brewed craft beer while sitting in a restored CPR rail station, circa 1946. With beautiful, original features of this art deco building on display while you enjoy brew-master Morag's freshest brews, you'll feel like you're back in time, waiting for the train downways to Toronto. An incredible, vibrant and locally inspired menu will satisfy your soul, too!

Duntroon Cider.png

Duntroon Cyder House

Combined with the most cozy and wonderful people (who also grow a hearty garlic--try the powder!), Duntroon Cyder offers true Ontario cyder, made the old fashioned way. Sulphite-free, gluten-free and nut-free Duntroon Cyder is made using only proper Duntroon Parish and Ontario heritage hand-picked apples and patience.

Logo BVC (002).jpg

Beaver Valley Orchard & Cidery

The most beautiful views of the Beaver Valley are what make this old farm a gem to visit (apart from the incredible cider, that is). Small batch cider is made from select varieties of heritage apples grown in their own orchard or from neighbouring Georgian Bay apples growers. Their own 5 acres of apples represent those historically used in North America for making hard cider, giving you a true taste of local.


Georgian Hills Vineyards

With a dedication to all things local, Georgian Hills Vineyards takes advantage of the region’s cool, microclimate to produce fantastic wines that are as unique as Georgian Bay. The team at Georgian Bay Vineyards firmly believes that local is best, and are eager to showcase their offerings to not only the community, but beyond as well. Georgian Hills Vineyards is also home to Ardiel Cider House, which uses heritage apples grown on the Ardiel family’s orchard to produce two distinct and delicious ciders: Ardiel Dry Cider and Big John Hop Cider.


The Roost Wine Company

Located on a picturesque hilltop near Ravenna, Ontario with stunning views of Georgian Bay and only 20 minutes from Collingwood and Thornbury, The Roost vineyard and winery is a fantastic place to experience cold-climate wines in a spectacular setting. Owned by a wife and husband team, The Roost is the family farm where everyone would get together—to roost.

The Roost is about bringing friends and family together in a beautiful and relaxing setting, allowing them to dream away an afternoon or evening – accompanied by a glass of wine of course!


Coffin Ridge Boutique Winery

Considered to be Grey County’s first vineyard, the Beer Bus is proud to offer wine tours of Coffin Ridge Boutique Winery. It opened its doors in 2001, and now boasts an impressive 25 acre vineyard, hand-planted and “lovingly tended from bud-break to lush maturity when they are, alas, ushered to their demise!”

With a spooky ambience, Coffin Ridge Boutique Winery really is a way to celebrate a grape’s journey of being squished to death and brought back to life as, say, their Back From The Dead Red or Resurrection Rόse.

Coffin Ridge Boutique Winery also makes a killer Forbidden Cider, and other seasonal ciders available only at the winery!

Spy Cider.png

Spy Cider House and Distillery

Spy Cider House and Distillery is on an unwavering quest to create a reputation for excellence, precision and intrigue. Passionate to the core, our ciders and spirits pay tribute to the Blue Mountains by insisting on a philosophy of excellence that can only be expressed through the local fruit. Survey our mature organic orchard from the deck while the copper still slowly makes history. Our creative food pairings will delight the palette and confound your expectations.

At Spy, our mission is anything but impossible: make the best apple-based ciders and spirits anywhere in the free world. Our modus operandi? Never Kompromat. It’s more difficult to work that way, but not impossible


AXED Throwing

Melissa and John over at AXED are not just proud business owners who run Thornbury's most amazing activity venue, they are also pretty sharp when it comes to throwing an axe! Stand firm, line up and keep your elbows straight as you and your team discover how a tool meant for splitting really does bring people together!

Local beers and ciders are available at the bar, so its easy to discover local at this charming spot!

Clear Valley.webp

Clear Valley Hops

Laurie and John manage their  74-acre farm at the base of the Blue Mountains in Nottawa, Ontario, just 2 minutes outside Collingwood. They proudly grow over 18 varieties, fed by the waters of the Pretty River. The terroir of Georgian Bay comes through in the unique flavours of their hops. Lemon vanilla in the Kent Golding, orange and fruit in the Willamette, and great alpha acids in the Wild Turkey. This is what makes truly Canadian beer!

Where we visit
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